Please check this menu to either choose or create your special bespoke cake or cupcakes! All our cakes are frosted and decorated with our freshly homemade buttercream, the most delicious buttercream that you will ever taste, guaranteed!


Our buttery Victoria Sponge, the vanilla-flavored cake is extremely special, can be combined with the preserve of your choice (raspberry or strawberry jam) you will surely find it utterly delicious.


Zingy Lemon Drizzle light sponge layered with lemon or vanilla buttercream.


Our secret recipe cake, the best you will ever have, packed with sweet, juicy carrots, raisins and walnuts, beautifully balanced with spices and layered with Cream Cheese or Vanilla buttercream.

Berry Cake

Choose a berry of your choice for soft, spongy and utterly delicious sponge, layered with buttercream of your choice.

Quintessential Chocolate

Unbelievably Rich & Moist but also very light and delicate, it’s our most irresistible chocolate cake.

Salted Caramel

A Delicious, Dreamy, Sweet & Salty Cake that everyone will enjoy. Plain sponge with Salted Caramel buttercream and drips make it a true showstopper!

Mango Whip Cream Cake

Mango ? cake with fluffy whipped cream, juicy mangoes, intensely flavorful secret sauce. Layers of soft sponge cake soaked with mango purée and filled with fresh mango's chunks, resulting in a moist cake that is SURE TO IMPRESS! This is what sweet summer dreams are made up of.

Banana Cake

This banana cake is fluffy, moist, tender and infused with banana flavor. It’s absolutely delicious on its own.

Red Velvet

With its distinctive red colour, this classic cake comes with a light taste of chocolate and finished with our most delicious Cream Cheese Cream to please that very special person.

Chocolate Orange

Lavish Belgian Chocolate cake with a burst of fresh orange flavour.


Bringing the wonderful taste of the Lebanese desserts, this cake is full of flavour, smells so good and taste really great with its super light texture and rich flavour.

Oreo Cake

This Oreo cake is beyond decadent, filled with chopped Oreos, which add both creaminess and crunch, and the Oreo buttercream is literally to die for!

Coconut Cake

The light and fluffy coconut cake has a delicate crumb that is full of flavour. With a slight crunch and subtle coconut flavour, it pairs amazingly well with coconut flavoured buttercream.

Passion Fruit and Coconut Cake

This divine combination, with light and fluffy coconut sponge with delicate crumb that is full of flavor, layered with Passion Fruit Curd and coconut flakes.